Can I Clean the Toilet?

Those are the words spoken to me tonight by my 6 year old. He asked me if he could clean the toilet. I did “let” him clean the toilet.

Other sentences he uttered tonight:

“Can I clean the windows?

“The dining room table should be cleaned. I’ll do that.”

“Ben, you want to help me sweep?”

That’s right. My 6 year old swept the kitchen, living room, and dining room. He also vacuumed all those rooms as well as the hallway. He cleaned 1/2 the windows in the house. Then he finished by cleaning that table.

As he’s asking me if he can clean this and clean that I just kept telling myself, “play it cool, don’t get too excited.”

It’s now 8pm. Both boys are asleep. And the house is clean! While they cleaned, I finished the dishes. I have been relaxing since they went to bed! What?!?! I keep seeing “ways to make your life easier” and “steps to decluttering your life” and I feel like I have cracked the code. Make your kids clean every night after dinner. It’s our new routine.

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