Stop and smell the pine

Just a reminder to take a moment from your busy life and smell the pine trees. Go on an evening walk with the kids to check out the neighbor’s Christmas lights. Sip hot cocoa by the lit tree with just carols playing quietly.

I’ve been stressed about the cookies I haven’t baked. And the presents I haven’t wrapped. And grocery shopping for Christmas eve dinner. And the fact that I don’t know what we’re eating on Christmas day! And the list goes on.

But tonight my older boy wasn’t feeling great. He cuddled with the husband while I cooked dinner. After the baby went to bed, he cuddled with me and asked to watch a cookie decorating show. We held hands and relaxed together. He was excited because he chose the correct winner. I was happy because I spent an evening not worrying about anything. I can get so caught up in the things I (feel I) need to do to make this time of year magical that sometimes I forget that simple can be magical.

Merry Christmas




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